Why Logo & Branding Matters?

Logo is a very important visual look for your own brand. An outstanding logo not only can make a difference between you and your competitors but also can attract a tons of clients to your business. We SHK Technologies are designing logos for our clients for such a long time. We definitely know that your logo is a reflection of your business, Organizations and individual. So, We always try to represent you in your logo. So, If you are also looking for a iconic and tremendous logo, Our experienced and creative team of designers are always ready to make your dreams come true.

  • ­Modern and evergreen logo for your business.
  • ­­Branding that stands out in the crowd.
  • ­Strategic approach towards redesigning brand.

Behind our clients satisfactions this steps are also very important to manage this whole system, from understanding of a client’s inner vision to deliver the logos.

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Our Logo Design Process

First of all when a valuable client comes towards us with a great logo idea, Our responsible supporting team try to extract clients thoughts about the logo. They talk to our clients briefly to figure out what our clients exactly looking at. Not only in tele conversation, We also provide a panel where they can easily share their vision about their logo.


After collecting all the information from our supporting team , our designing team starts to research and explore our client’s company or organization,their history and competition.The research is for knowing to figure out the client’s uniqueness and strength so that our designers can make the best for our clients.


After completing the research and gathering all the information, Our designers start designing the logo on the paper by sketching. Any idea comes in mind they sketch that on paper for better concept.


After the sketching process, Our designers bring the logo to the digital platform. For getting the best quality and higher resolution, Our designers uses some best software’s.


After digitization of the logo, Here comes the color process. Its similar like painting a house which is new built. Our passionate designers try different colors for the logo and see what could be the best.

Final Logo

Once a logo is completed. We make more 3-7 different types of logo for same client. So that our clients get more option to choose. When we get the green signal from the client we took the selected logo and make it in many formats and many resolutions so that our clients may use in their different purposes.